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Having your pool professionally maintained will in the long run save you money and you benefit from a clean, healthy pool the whole family can enjoy.

If you don’t have the time or skills to clean and service your pool, let Town & Country Pools do it for you.

We offer a wide range of Maintenance solutions to suit your budget and requirements,

including a host of cleaning accessories and equipment to help you keep your pool in tip-top condition

for all your poolside activity.

We also have highly trained professional staff with over 26 years in keep swimming pools clean,

gin clear and healthy to be ready to use when ever you wish.

Call us now for advice on your pool we are always happy to talk pools.



Investing in a swimming pool can enrich your life in many ways; from being a constant source of entertainment to improving your property's value, a pool can be a luxurious lifestyle statement.


At Town & Country Swimming pools, our experienced team will guide you through owning a swimming pool, the design, build and installation process. From the initial ideas, through to completion of the project and your first swim.


Swimming pool design is about striking the perfect balance between style and functionality.

At Town & Country Swimming pools, we look at every aspect including location, aesthetics, legality, drainage and ground stability we make every effort to design a pool that suits your lifestyle and needs. We make sure it is in the ideal position and has the correct depth and size to meet your requirements. So you can reap the rewards of your investment.


Our expert staff, will advise you and help you decide on your perfect swimming pool.

We construct our pools using shotcrete method. concrete pneumatically applied to a reinforced structure on a steel frame using pumps and hoses

The concrete pool shell is then surfaced with sand and cement by hand to get a perfect finish

The surfaced pool is then ready for the mosaic tilling of your choise.



If you wish to give your pool a facelift or you are looking to build a new pool, contact us.

Whatever your requirements are, we are qualified to handle any task and complete it without any hassle or fuss. Our own team’s carry out all our work,

we never use subcontractors so you know we are in control all through the build.


We have a wide range of Mosaic Tile Samples to choose from. An up to date range of Coping Stones and Patio Paving in Sandstone and other ranges available. We are also experts in Filtration, Pipework, leak detection, and Plant room upgrades. So we can complete the whole swimming pool refurbishment from start to splash.

About Us

Town & Country Pools is Surrey and the South Easts leading pool specialist in Sprayed Concrete [shotcrete] Swimming Pools.


This enables us to design and build your dream pool without compromise on shape, form or size.

Whether it is for fun and leisure, or fitness and health with our consistent, quality and comprehensive services, we can help you have a truly customised pool to enhance your house and garden and ad value to your property.

The astonishing detailed finish we can achieve will amaze you.


We are experts in garden and pool design with over 26 years experience in Surrey, St Georges Hill, Burwood Park, Ashley Park, all of Elmbridge, Woking, Cobham, Esher, Oxshott, Weybridge, London and the South.


Free advice,  free survey and free no obligation estimates 


We are a family–run business. We do all our own work we don’t sub-contract and we offer FREE, no obligation estimates and advice, a friendly, professional value for money service where the customer always comes first.  


We offer a free survey and are always happy to come and offer our advice on your new pools siting, shape, size and finish.

We love to talk pools and gardens.


Our experts can take you through a vast array of pool design,

with tiles and finishes which will please even the most deserting client, designer, or even local town planner.

Town & Country Pools are experts in indoor & outdoor swimming pool design and build with over 26 years experience in Surrey, St Georges Hill, Burwood Park, Ashley Park, Elmbridge, Woking, Cobham, Esher, Oxshott, Weybridge, London and the South East. We are also experts in Garden and landscape design and pool maintenance, repair and refurbishment. If your pool has problems or you would like advice on a new pool project call Tracie today we would love to talk to you.

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